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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
October 5, 2018

Children cheerfully enjoy autumn athletic meet for commemorating the "Day of Passion"!

On Tuesday, October 2, the kindergarten held a Soka Gakuen autumn athletic meet for commemorating the "Day of Passion."
Owing to the badness of the weather, the meet was held at the Prince and Princess Hall. It kicked off with the student representatives from five-year-old student classes cheerfully making a powerful pledge to give their all and never give up and to work hard with their classmates to the end.
The children of the sun first performed "Children of the Sun Gymnastics," and then the three- and five-year-old student classes took part in a "balls in the basket" match, and the four-year-old student classes participated in a tug-of-war. Following these events, all the children were divided into two teams (a red team and a white team) and competed in a race, carrying a big artificial worm. All the children of the sun joined forces and enjoyed the race.

In the meantime, during the "Victory Fortnight for the Day of Passion" from September 25 to October 10, each grade had decided on their goals and worked hard toward them in accordance with this year's theme, "Children of the sun, try anything and never give up!" The three-year-old students confirmed their efforts toward their goals every day and tried to complete paper "victory clouds." Then, on Thursday, October 4, the "Day of Passion Commemorative Gathering" was held, during which representatives from the five-year-old student classes relayed what they worked hard on for the "Day of Passion." In addition, all the children cheerfully performed the "Soka Dance."

"Balls in the basket" match for five-year-old students

Tug-of-war for four-year-old students

"Balls in the basket" match for three-year-old students

All the studentsparticipating in the race, carrying a big artificial worm

Trying to complete paper "victory clouds" toward the Day of Passion

Representatives from five-year-old student classes relaying what they worked hard on

All the children eating a delicious lunch at Toda Memorial Park