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Tokyo Campus
October 5, 2018

Third-year students collect words using English dictionaries for the English class

The third-year students collected words using English dictionaries (English-Japanese and Japanese-English) during the English class.
This was their first time using English dictionaries, although they have used Japanese dictionaries during the Japanese language class. As they opened the English dictionaries, they said, "There are a lot of words alphabetically"; "The pronunciation written in katakana is a little weird, so we should not pronounce it according to the katakana notation”; or "When I looked up 'zoo', I found the English words of many other animals on the same page." The students instantly grasped the features of the English dictionaries and took great interest in them.
In class, seeing alphabet lists, the students collected words starting with A throughout Z. For example, a student who created an alphabet list of words of foods collected "Apple" for "A" and "Banana" for "B." Another student who created a list of words of sports picked up "Bat" for "A" and "Ball" for "B."