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Kansai Campus
October 9, 2018

Track & field club shows great performances at Osaka competition

On October 6 (Saturday) and 7 (Sunday), the 72nd Osaka Junior High School Athletic Competition was held at Yanmar Field Nagai, and the students from Kansai Soka Junior High School's track & field club, after making it through the regional competition, appeared in the track and field category.
Most notably, second-year student Kanako Hayashi advanced to the finals and finished in sixth place.

200 meters for second-year students: Yuhei Kitagata (reached the semifinals)
1,500 meters for first-year students: Taiyo Kondo (reached the finals and finished in 13th place)
3,000 meters for second-year students: Hiroaki Kohata (reached the finals and finished in 15th place)
Shot put for first-year students: Ryoya Nagata
Shot put for third-year students: Yusei Hirai
100 meters for first-year students: Mika Kira
100 meters for third-year students: Takako Okuda
200 meters for second-year students: Kanako Hayashi (reached the finals and finished in 6th place)
Long jump for first-year students: Saki Ishikawa
4 x 100 meter relay for all grades: Ryo Okamoto, Sachie Yamada, Takako Okuda, and Kanako Hayashi

Three students advancing to the finals