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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
December 12, 2018

Kindergarten receives giant kelp from Hakodate!

Once again this year, the kindergarten received a giant kelp at over eight meters long from a kind couple living in Hakodate. At a birthday party for those born in December, held on December 6, this massive kelp was shown to the children. They were very surprised at the length and shouted out while taking a close look at the kelp.
The rare kelp has been sent to the Tokyo and Kansai Soka elementary schools and always excites the students there.

Due to a major outbreak of influenza, some classes have been cancelled and even the kindergarten as a whole was temporarily closed, thus possibly causing parents to worry. The teachers and staff are making every effort to ensure that the children stay safe during the remaining few days of the second term. We would like parents to continuously promote handwashing and gargling, as well as to pay attention to the health of their child.

Children surprised at the giant kelp!

Commemorative photo with the giant kelp