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Tokyo Campus
December 23, 2018

Soka Gakuen Music Festival

Soka Gakuen Music Festival was held on Sunday, December 23. According to the theme of "Reverberate! Our Soka Sound! 2018!" the elementary, junior high, and senior high schools' music clubs performed with a sense of appreciation for the year, for those who always support them. Both in the morning session and afternoon session, the hall was filled to capacity, and many visitors watched the students' performances. During the afternoon session, many guests, which included mayors and heads of the board of education from neighboring cities, visited the school. The participating elementary, junior high, and senior high school students had practiced hard and developed themselves for the festival. In addition, the uppermost-grade students of most of the clubs will be leaving their club after the festival, so they put ineffable gratitude into their performances. We are deeply grateful to all the guests and parents that attended the event.