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Kansai Campus
January 8, 2019

Start of the third term: Opening ceremony

After winter break, the children came back to school in a cheerful mood, and the third term began on January 8. During the opening ceremony, Principal Takeda of Kansai Soka Gakuen introduced a message from the founder. He then talked about the All-Japan High School Ekiden Championship, which was held during the winter holidays, as well as about the Kansai Soka Gakuen Music Festival. Following the principal's remarks, a second-year student representative spoke about the joy for starting the new year and announced her resolution for the third term. After the speech, Principal Matsui of Kansai Soka Elementary School said, "Do not spare any effort, and pursue your goal step by step during the third term." To conclude the ceremony, all the participants sang a favorite song, Kansai Soka Waga Hokori ("Pride of Hearts, Kansai Soka"), and took their first step into 2019.