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Tokyo Campus
January 8, 2019

Third-term opening ceremony

On Tuesday, January 7, the third-term opening ceremony was held at Tokyo Campus's Ikeda Auditorium. The ceremony kicked off with all the participants watching a video digest of the "Soka Gakuen Music Festival," which was held at the end of last year. Following the video, awards were given to the students and teams that received prizes at various contests during winter break, and on behalf of these prize-winners, a team from the wind quintet (from the brass band club), which received a gold award at the Tokyo Senior High School Ensemble Contest, put on a performance. In addition, Mr. Kazamasa Furukawa, from the baseball club and who took part in the Cuba expedition as a member of the all-star team of the Tokyo High School Baseball Federation, reported on the expedition. After his report, Mr. Hirai, who is in charge of career guidance, encouraged students preparing for entrance exams according to the theme of "Achieving a major victory over your goals," as the National Center Test for University Admissions was only days away. While all the students at the auditorium cheered on the exam-takers with a large, vertical banner showing the words for "Big Victory" in Japanese calligraphy, the students taking the exam reaffirmed their determination. Principal Shiota of Tokyo Soka Senior High School then told them to learn from various experience and to continue to grow, along with relaying some stories of his own failure. Principal Nakagawa of Tokyo Soka Gakuen also praised the achievements of the students during winter holidays and spoke to them so as to encourage a new start with the founder. In the meantime, a ceremony for the presentation of iPads from the 21 Century Hoei-kai was also held. The auditorium was surrounded by voices of surprise and joy for a lot of iPads presented by graduates, and all the students and teachers became filled with gratitude. To close out the opening ceremony, the participants sang the school song Kusaki wa Moyuru ("The Trees and Grass Are Blooming") as each of the students put their resolutions into a voice of song.