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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
January 9, 2019

Starting the New Year and describing the "future," from Sapporo!

The year of 2019 is upon us. Happy New Year to all!
Sapporo Soka Kindergarten marks the 43rd anniversary of its foundation, this March. The kindergarten will have produced 7,200 graduates, and these graduates play a key role in the school, in the field of sports, in society, and in the community. The kindergarten is very proud of them and is delighted at their achievements.
This year again, the goal is to offer Soka's unique form of smile-filled children's education. All of the teachers and staff will remain committed to the mission of providing child care that always places children first. As we study "Chapter of the Future" every day, we will carefully nurture "Treasures of the Future" and will describe the "Future of Soka Kindergarten" during the year.
On January 18, the kindergarten will conduct the second day of its trial day care program for three-year-old kids who will enter the kindergarten next April. We hope that the children will become familiar with the kindergarten and that this will get them to look forward to the entrance ceremony in April.
In the meantime, the kindergarten is very pleased to receive wonderful New Year's cards from associated schools and Soka kindergartens overseas. We can imagine the cheerful voices of Soka brothers and sisters via these cards. We will display these cards in Nakayoshi Square during the third term.
The opening ceremony for the third term is scheduled for January 21. In addition, the setsubun (the close of winter) snowy athletic competition will be held on February 1, and the students are looking forward to this. The kindergarten hopes for the good health of all the children and a "strong, righteous and free" New Year's break full of fun and without incident. We look forward to seeing tons of smiles on the 21st.

New Year's card sent from Sapporo Soka Kindergarten

New Year's card received from Tokyo Soka Senior High School

New Year's card received from Kansai Soka Senior High School

New Year's card received from Soka University of Japan

New Year's card received from Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten

New Year's card received from Singapore Soka Kindergarten

New Year's card received from Korea Soka Happiness Kindergarten