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Kansai Campus
January 9, 2019

Kakizome event with New Year resolutions

The annual kakizome event (first calligraphy session of the New Year) took place on January 9. First-and second-year students sat in their classrooms, while third-, fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-year students gathered in Ikeda Gymnasium and represented their New Year resolutions in their works. The first-and second-year students used a pen to write assigned phrases, and the third- through sixth-year students carefully used a brush to write each character. Third-year students wrote the phrase "正月の空" (New Year's sky), the fourth-year students wrote "出発の朝" (morning of the departure), the fifth-year students wrote "新春の光" (New Year's light), and the sixth-year students wrote "従藍而青" (from the indigo, an even deeper blue).

The calligraphy works of all the students will be on display as part of the school’s kakizome exhibition held in Ikeda Gymnasium during the period in which parent-teacher conferences will be held.