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Tokyo Campus
February 2, 2019

SGH: Field work at Hansen's Disease Museum

Tokyo Soka Senior High School conducted the "National Hansen's Disease Museum Course" SGH winter field work.
In the morning, students gathered at Akitsu Station on the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line and walked to Tama Zenshoen Sanatorium and National Hansen's Disease Museum, imagining how the patients of the day were feeling on the way there. In the morning session, they looked around the exhibitions at the museum and studied the history of the disease. The patients' lives at the sanatorium as seen through the display should fall under the category of a human rights violation. The students were impressed by the exhibitions and the struggle by patients to take back their dignity. In the afternoon session, the students had a meeting with patients who are recovering and who live at the sanatorium, and asked some questions. The students attentively listened to the words based on the real experiences of the patients as well as to the talks about their distress and their way of life at the sanatorium. To close out the event, each student walked around the sanatorium as Zenshoen field work and spent time giving their full attention to human rights issues.