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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
February 15, 2019

Third-term Parents’ Day and class/grade meeting

The last Parents’ Day and class/grade meeting of this school year was recently held for the four-year-old student classes on February 5, for the three-year-old student classes on February 6, and for the five-year-old student classes on February 7.
During the classroom visits by parents, three-year-old children created handmade hats, while four-year-old students made paper hina dolls. In the meantime, five-year-old children engaged in their graduation works, joined by their parents. The children listened attentively to the teacher's instructions and exercised ingenuity in making their own original creations. Their earnest attitude represented how much they had matured during the last one, two, or three years, respectively. During the class meeting that was conducted after the grade meeting, arrangements for promotion to a higher grade or graduation were discussed.

It is already mid-February. The kindergarten is looking forward to these more-matured children moving up to the next grade and to a smooth graduation ceremony without incident. We would like to ask the parents for their continued support in organizing the upcoming events.

Classroom visit by the parents of the four-year-old students

Five-year-old children making graduation works together with their parents