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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
February 18, 2019

Children have fun playing shop

On Friday, February 8, children played shop at the Prince and Princess Hall during “Nakayoshi Time.” Since the start of the second term, the students made a lot of imitation food, such as doughnuts, ramen, udon, chocolates, and cupcakes, as well as handmade goods such as flowers, hair accessories, rings, and slime. On the day of the shopping game, the five-year-old children took turns acting as salespeople, while the four- and three-year-old children enjoyed shopping as customers.
The five-year-old students, as salespeople, said, "Hello" or "Can I help you?" and the lower-grade students, as customers, answered, "I’ll take this, please." They cheerfully communicated with each other using other phrases as well, such as "How much?" and "Two for 100 yen."

The children were very happy with shopping around for what they would like. They spent a wonderful time playing shop.

"I'll have this ice cream."

"Can I help you?"

Prince and Princess Hall playing host to the shopping game