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Kansai Campus
February 23, 2019

SGH final research presentations for the 2018 school year

On Saturday, February 23, the SGH final research presentations of the 2018 school year (8th presentation session) were held, with a lot of guests nationwide in attendance, including instructors for SGH operations and education professionals.

Greetings/introduction of the school's efforts:
After the principal’s greetings, the vice principal explained the school's efforts for SGH.

  • School's efforts

The school has introduced the active learning method in all curriculums as a basis for promoting research and has provided the following three SGH programs:
1. GRIT (inquiry-based comprehensive learning program for the entire school);
2. UP (senior high school-university collaboration program for interested students); and
3. Learning Cluster (LC: Program for selected members from second- and third-year applicants, in which the members study global issues in English).

GRIT presentations by students:
In the meeting room on the second floor, second-year selected members gave presentations in front of the guests. This time, students chose a theme from the four theme topics (the environment, development, human rights, and peace) that are intimately related to SDGs and gave presentations on the research that they conducted for the year.

  • About GRIT

GRIT is an inquiry-based comprehensive learning program for the entire school and is conducted twice a month, on Saturdays. GRIT stands for "Global Research and Inquiry Time." With the environment, development, human rights, and peace as theme topics, GRIT uses group activities to solve global issues and holds seminars by lecturers that play key roles in each theme topic.

Poster exhibition:
During recess, the visitors had the opportunity to view posters describing a wide range of activities, such as overseas field work.

Learning Cluster (LC) presentations:
LC members gave English presentations on proposals for solving global issues from the viewpoint of high school students and summed up their research. The presentation theme involved human rights.

  • About Learning Cluster (LC)

LC is a special program joined by 22 selected members from second- and third-year applicants. The members use English only and study a more-specialized theme than the SDGs, for the year.

Introduction of efforts in each curriculum/research briefings by teachers/Q&A:
Along with an introduction of efforts in each curriculum, teachers reported what the students had learned in the GRIT program for the year and how they had changed through the program.

Mr. Eiichi Kajita, who is the president of St. Andrew's University of Education and who serves as an instructor for the school's SGH operations, gave a lecture titled "To cultivate real internationality."