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Tokyo Campus
February 24, 2019

SGH: Presentations by third-year students taking biology as an elective

During the third-term biology class, third-year students have been conducting ecological surveys on a local natural environment, the Tamagawa Aqueduct, for 14 years, and every February, they report the results at the "Biological research workshop" hosted by the Tokyo Federation of Biology Clubs. This school year again, the students gave a presentation at the workshop that was held at Gakushuin University on Sunday, February 17, and received the Field Award. Meanwhile, on Sunday, February 24, they gave the same presentation at the "Manabiya UNESCO cultural lecture" hosted by Manabiya Edo-Tokyo UNESCO CLUB (sponsored by the Kodaira City Board of Education) at the Kodaira City Central Community Center. They also displayed the results at Manabiya UNESCO Gallery 2019, which was concurrently held with the lecture at the same venue.

In front of local people with a particular interest in the Tamagawa Aqueduct and those working for the local governments, the students gave a presentation on the "effect on ecology due to differences in the temperatures of advanced-treated water discharged into the Tamagawa Aqueduct," based on the analysis of the survey data. Through the survey and presentation, the students learned how to deal with and analyze scientific data, and realized the importance and difficulties of facing questions with no definitive answer, through trial & error, along with conveying their thinking process to others in an understandable way.