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Tokyo Campus

Tokyo Campus
“As I began searching for the ideal location for the seat of Soka education, I had four requirements in mind:
●it should be located in Musashino (a region in
  western Tokyo known for its natural beauty)
●it should have a view of Mount Fuji
●there should be a clean waterway flowing nearby
●it should be within about an hour’s drive from
  central Tokyo.

The Soka schools are surrounded by mountains in the distance, rivers, the Musashino plain, and lush trees. The mountains represent dignity, nobility and permanence, the rivers a pure spirit, the Musashino plain boundless hope, and the lush greenery a well-rounded life.” (From by founder Dasiaku Ikeda on the first entrance ceremony of the Soka School)
Soka Gakuen Ikeda
Senior High School
General Education
The Monument of the
Mottoes and the plaque
of the“Home of Soka
Mt. Fuji viewed from

Tokyo Soka Junior and Senior High School

 Tokyo Soka Elementary School

Senior High School

While upholding the education guidelines, “Fostering people of great talent” and “Fostering rich humanity combined with practical ability,” the school aims to foster talented individuals who are balanced and harmonious, with a well-rounded intellect. The school makes every effort to raise students of the highest intellect, philosophy and profound consideration for others, coupled with the strength to take action.

Tokyo Soka Senior High School

Junior High School

The school encourages students to develop a well-balanced intellect, sensibility and good health, according to each student’s developmental stage. It emphasizes language studies, reading, scientific experiments and art education. It also works to provide students with the opportunity to actively participate in a wide range of cultural activities such as debates and music lessons, as well as taking part in sports such as soccer and baseball.

Tokyo Soka Junior High School

Elementary School

The school’s primary aim is to facilitate the blossoming of each child’s mind, body and intellect. It focuses on upholding the motto “Be open-minded, friendly and brave,” and aims to cultivate the foundational roots that will enable the children to grow into global citizens.

Tokyo Soka Elementary School