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General Information
[09.30.1974] Establishment of Soka Kindergarten was decided informally. The Preparatory Committee was established.
[06.21.1975] Groundbreaking ceremony was held.
[08.05.1975] The motto "Be strong, righteous and free" was coined.
[11.30.1975] Completion ceremony was held.
[01.17.1976] Hojukai was established.
[04.16.1976] The first entrance ceremony was held. Day of Yaezakura
[04.01.1977] Classes were increased from four to six.
[04.01.1978] Classes were increased from six to eight.
[04.27.1984] Nature observation and learning facility "Blue Sky Farm" opened.
[09.01.1992] Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten opened.
[01.02.1993] Singapore Soka Kindergarten opened.
[04.06.1995] Malaysia Soka Kindergarten opened.
[11.07.1995] Play equipment was delivered to Sapporo Soka Kindergarten.
[07.22.1996] The 1st Joint Picture Exhibition by four kindergartens (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Sapporo) was held in Sapporo.
[08.21.2001] A computer room equipped with PCs, "Friend Room", opened.
[01.22.2003] Picture book library "Children of the Sun's Library" opened.
[11.16.2005] New school song "Daisuki Soka Yochien" was presented at the 30th Children's Festival.
[01.23.2006] Renovation of the toilets was completed.
About box lunch, snacks and school lunch
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are box lunch days.
Children can feel the warmth and love from their mothers through the box lunch. When making a box lunch, pay attention to the quantity, color, shape and overall apperance as well as nutrition, so that children can enjoy eating lunch.In the beginning, please choose foods your child likes and pack a reasonable quantity of them, so that your child can feel the satisfaction of eating all of his/her lunch. Gradually pay more attention to the nutritional balance.
Wednesday is snack day. On the day of the monthly birthday party, a school lunch is served.
The snack/school lunch menu will be published in the Kindergarten Newsletter. If your child has a food allergy or a special need related to food, please notify and consult with the class teacher.
School Bus Service
Three school buses named Hope,Tomorrow and Sky,run on six routes.
Route 1 Misono/Toyohira
Route 2 Utsukushigaoka/Kiyota
Route 3 Hiragishi
Route 4 Nango/Heiwadori
Route 5 Sakaedori/Hiraoka
Route 6 Sumikawa/Makomanai
School buses Hope,Tomorrow and Sky
*Parents can also walk their children to school. Bus routes are subject to change each year. For more details, please contact us directly.